Launch x431Easydiag making pinout mapping

It’s aimed to make cables and mapping pinouts for specific connectors

of some cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW, for Launch x431 easydiag adapters.
Mb 14 pin x431
    mb 14                       Launch x431 easydiag ecu pin 14                     pin 13tcm pin 9 (sprintshift)        pin 1srs pin 8                      pin 15abs 13                         pin 11

Mercedes 38 pin engine on 38p-pin4 on easydiag 7

Bmw adapter 20 pin same as autocom

Plug 20___________ Launch
7_________________ 5
14________________ 1
15________________ 14
17,20______________ 7
19 ________________ 15

Found a way for mapping pinout for other brands and have opportunity to test some of them and it works!

Since Launch Easydiag not in itself have relays for switching pins it has transistors every time you make a switch to the modul-on pin there is retained voltage around 10V which is actually K line.
By connecting the brakeoutbox can be measured which is the active pin except l line pin (15) and then there is a par of active pins energized.The one we looking is other one of 15.

For example, 14 pins sprinter shows that after selecting the module voltage is maintained at a certain pin until you change the selection of modules and then hardware changes the pin itself.

Launch-x431-Easydiag-making-pinout-mapping-3 Launch-x431-Easydiag-making-pinout-mapping-1 Launch-x431-Easydiag-making-pinout-mapping-2