BMW Car Cannot Start after New Key/Remote using VVDI2

Look here: (Solved) 2006 BMW CAS2 slot key non comfort access.

Purpose: Add a new key to CAS2

Car: 2006 3 series


Already have one working key just adding another.

Key was purchased from Transponder Island, cheap non logo key.



Used VVDI2 to add key to empty slot #4, car starts but remote doesn’t work. Try again, now neither key will start the car.

Car just cranks over and over.

Tried CAS-ELV sync, Clear DTC, Clear Shadow, nothing works.

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That is,

The key start the car and the remote didn’t

Then the car didn’t start at all

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(BIG THANKS to Alejandro Formoso Romano)

It’s cas / DME… cas-code DME

everything fine just click on write …put jumper leads on battery…and then we work from that.

It’s just a lost sync between CAS and DME cause a low voltage battery

Keep battery above 12v

Then click on cas dme sync and try to start …if doesn’t just keep syncing

Result: Done! Both the key and remote work perfect!

VVDI2 Xhorse is confirmed to add a new key to Cas2 from a 2006 3 series.