VVDI2 Full Kit vs. VVDI2 with ALL Authorization

What’s the different between vvdi2 full kit or vvdi2 with full authorization?

it’s different. full kit doesn’t cover full authorization

In detail…look at the chart below:


 Cars and Authorization VVDI2 Full Version VDI2 Full Configuration
5th AUDI Authorization
BMW OBD Authorization
BMW CAS4 + Authorization
BMW FEM/BDC Functions   600USD for users with Condor;
800USD for users without Condor;
Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII 100USD
Copy 48 96 bit Transponder and MQB function 250USD

That is, the full kit doesn’t cover 48 copy, 96bit 48 copy, mqb function and fem/bdc function.