New Genius K-Touch Map Reviews All Here (Tested ok)

New Genius K-Touch Map as a multi-Language hand-held chip tuning tool is easy to read/write ECU on both petrol and diesel vehicles. Now let’s have a more detailed look at what’s tested ok on New Genius K-Touch.
EDC17C64 ID & WRITE ok (1.6TDI)
MED17.5.5 ID & READ & WRITE ok
ME7.5 ID & READ & WRITE ok
MED17.5.21 ID & WRITE ok
Opel ME7.6.2 ID & READ & WRITE ok
Mercedes EDC16C2 ID & READ & WRITE ok
SIMOS 12 & 18 ID & WRITE ok
2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost 1.0 125hp auto
-> Read ok
-> Write ok
2013 Mitsubishi ASX/Outlander Sport 2.0 4B11 CVT
-> Read ok
-> Write ok
2014 Chevrolet Orlando 1.8 Petrol Auto
-> Read ok
-> Write ok
2015 Mitsubishi Montero Sport/ Pajero Sport 2.5DiD 178hp auto
-> Read ok
-> Write ok
New Genius K-Touch = Laptop and KESS V2, it works OK, for me read and write stock file OK.

I have tested this k-touch new genius on many cars K-line it works 100% fine only checksum need to do manually

SIMOS 18 tested ok, read Toyota Denso ECU ok, yes all SIMOS, DENSO and MITSU ok

This device works fine but you need to do checksum before insert in genius, just tested on Tricore EDC17c10 all ok

I have a 320d EDC17 in the shop that was remapped by New Genius, the car was flashed via OBD successfully.

For 2010 Golf 6 GTI. BOSCH MED17 I usually use the New Genius tool, it works well.

Tested today PAS edc17c10 read on boot and test write by OBD ok

Bought one that is fine except I did not receive the SD card at the beginning, I tested it works with gearbox VAG DQ500.

Dimsport new genius is a good tool but, as any other tool is not perfect, and you can’t survive in this field with one tool. It can make Opel Zafira , Combo , Meriva Denso ECU. I have good and bad experience but I am 80% happy with it.

We use New Genius, really good and stable, we do trucks, tractors and cars and I don’t kill the ECU because Genius has Recovery Mode. So I recommend this tool.

New genius is amazing it has so many safety features built in, it’s very hard to go wrong. I use this tool daily and have no complaints at all.

I chose New Genius. My only reason is that the Genius can directly connect to OBD I don’t need to connect a laptop. But some tools like KESS you have a laptop to connect, so Genius less to go wrong. By the way, it is preferably for EMS2211.