OBDSTAR FORD [V30.69] Cluster Calibration Upgrade for X300 DP (Plus)

Good news!!! Cardiagtool.co.uk has released the latest OBDSTAR FORD upgrade info.

Here share the upgrade details with X300 DP / X300 DP PLUS owners.

Upgrade Announcement of 19th June 2019

(For X300 DP/ X300DP PLUS

Added Ecosport 2013-type 3 (9S12XEQ384)

Added Tourneo Courier 2018 (9S12XEQ384)

Added Carnival 2013-type 3 (9S12XEQ384)

Added Transit Couruer 2014- (9S12XEQ384)


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Upgrade Announcement of 22nd January 2019 
(For X300 DP PLUS)

1.Increased the security mechanisms
2.Increased the SWFL version with key programming
3.Solved the security verification failure in part of models
4.Solved the problem of car start failure with remote key after successful key programming in part of models

1.Increased NEC24C64 MQB key programming
2.Solved Magotan 46 chip generate key failure
3.Solved the flashback problem in automatic recognition of NEC24C32 dashboard

Optimized 2016- Grand Cherokee pin code reading function

1.Increased Cadillac 2017-CT6 smart key system
2.Increased Cadillac 2017-XT4 smart key system
3.Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette smart key system

1.Increased 2018 CX4 smart key system
2.Increased 2018 Atenza smart key system

Increased Transit 2014- remote programming

1.Optimized 08- Megane key programming function
2.Optimized 07-11 Laguna key programming function

Cluster Calibration

1. Increased Cadillac 2017- CT6 cluster calibration
2. Increased Cadillac 2017- XT4 cluster calibration
3. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette cluster calibration

1.Optimized the low speed problem in Edge EEPROM reading and writing
2.Optimized the low speed problem in KUGA 2012- EEPROM reading and writing
3.Optimized the low speed problem in New Mondeo EEPROM reading and writing

1.Optimized the menu
2.Optimized Compass 2018 cluster calibration (enter system 10 60 mode and then enter its 10 03 extend mode)

ECU Programming

Solved the security verification failure in part of models.