OBDSTAR tools and VOLVO odometer correction: Possible?

OBDSTAR tools and VOLVO odometer correction: Possible?

Definitely yes! Obdstar software is updated in 06-2018 with a lot of improve in VOLVO dashboard cluster calibration.

Look here: Obdstar tools and VOLVO odometer correction tool

Volvo 0L85D dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 1H56A dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 1K78X dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 1M80F dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 3K91D dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 3L16Y dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Volvo 4F73K dashboard cluster calibration, read and write EEPROM, read FLASH

Note that before the update, Obdstar supports Volvo S80, XC60, XC70 only

So now, you can change km for more Volvo cars with Obdstar X300M, X300DP, X300 Pro3.

Example: Obdstar X300M Volvo S80 km change


Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-2 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-3 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-4 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-5 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-6 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-7 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-8 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-9 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-10 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-11 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-12 - 副本 Volvo-s80-change-mileage-by-OBDSTAR-X300M-13 - 副本