OEM Orange5 Programming Device €235 with all adapters Feedback

I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Clone price 235 with all adapters + software for immo, radio and dash coming together with clone, also activation for other sw. Shipping cost for me by San Jose post 26.9, So the total is 251.9. Confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set.

Tested OK:

Very easy to install, compatible with XP/WIN7/WIN8

Follow this video will be easier:


Tested reading usual eproms all good

Tested immo login code from dump, tms VW works

The adaptor solder ok

I run over it with iron

Be summit else

No big deal

Read 1d69j adapter success (at the beginning I tried to read 1d69J with adaptor failed, well after resolder joints on hc05 adaptor get a perfect read 169dj).

Check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and end eproms. All read and write very fast.

On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good.

I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok.

I have tried 68hc11, allot of eproms, and it work’s just perfect.

2j74y ok

35080 ok

Tms immo Opel ok

Hc05 immo old VW ok

Here is option 03-CarRadio.I didn’t use it but it can be done


Tested not ok

All functions open 1 – 10 except car radio get error

Tested tms370 with adaptor board did not read so maybe bad adaptor board

More OEM orange 5 test result will be public, thank you for reading.