Otosys IM600 and 2012 Audi A3 Megamos 48: Yes or No

Is it possible just to copy key information from one to another? 2012 A3 Megamos 48. I didn’t see any place to do that. I’m away from the car now but will see it at lunch, so I can plug in then and try.

There is a copy Megamos 48 button in the menu, but I’m having trouble getting it to pull the immo information out.

Note this is my only locksmith tool, I’m a technician who needs to be able to do keys! So I don’t have any of the other tools

Tech support from cardiagtool.co.uk:  pls go to Update page to install the beta and check the result, if it’s still not working, pls upload the datalog with beta

pls check if your programming software is up to date, the latest version V1.52. the car is tested successfully by engineers

Got the beta and still no luck. Won’t read immo data, can’t pull the pin on the diagnostic side to add the key there.
I sent in some logs of it, I think…

Tips from a real professional: Generally the newer vehicles do not have a pin to pull. What happens when you use smart mode under the immob side. Should read the immob data/prep dealer key/program key

Also what kind of key/chip are using. If you’re trying to use the clone feature it has to be a cloneable key. If you’re using a remote key or standard type of megamos 48 chip you can’t use those to clone

But as for the programmer, its a debating issue.

Some say you will need the up400 if u are cloning the key.  And the cloning new key needs to be a writeable chip which means you need to have an original key in the ignition

While the other think you don’t need to have the up400 for that. The up200 can read and write transponders

You can try with the one you have.

On a side note, that menu is different than on the a5 and a4 I’ve done, but I would assume either key learning or add key. Always hook German stuff up to a battery maintainer. 

If it cannot get it, vvdi2 should knock it out of the park if you have one around.

In conclusion,

I bought the Otosys IM600 for the diagnostic side primarily, the VW component protection, jbox, and of course, free updates