Possible to use Kess V2 firmware 6.008?

Here’s some info about Kess v2 firmware 6.008.


Works only without Internet Connection

kess-v2-6.008-no-internet-connection-1 kess-v2-6.008-no-internet-connection-2

With internet connection


All bootloader st10fxxx are ok and all bootloader tricore are Grey.kess-v2-6.008-boot-loader-tricore-1 kess-v2-6.008-boot-loader-tricore-2

The half of obd protocols are Grey

kess-v2-6.008-OBD-protocols-1 kess-v2-6.008-OBD-protocols-2 kess-v2-6.008-OBD-protocols-3

Kess 6.008 on gearbox


This is for your information.

Kess 6.008 is the latest though. It has not been tested by real professionals.

And a lot of protocols cannot work at all.

To use with security and relief, Kess v2 5.017 is your way to go.

kess-5.017-board-1 kess-5.017-board-4 kess-5.017-board-5 kess-5.017-board-6 kess-5.017-board-7

Source:  http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/kess-v2-v5017-online-version-no-token-limited.html