Review on Ksuite Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning

Recently, I purchased a Kess V2 V2.22 ECU Chip Tuning. I will share my experience with you in this blog.

I was confused about finding an auto ECU programmer for pulling and remapping. A kind friend who was professional in programming recommended me Kess V2. Followed his advice, I purchased the master on with €165 and received a carton package after 3 days delivery.


The customer service is so kind, and she told me some using tips about Kess V2 V2.22. For example, the tool could not be updated online, and if you start the software, the anti-virus should be turned off.

There was a bit of issue when I used the software. After I installed the software Ksuite V2.22, I opened the software with the error “EXTERNAL EXCEPTION EEFFACE” existed. I had no idea about what happened. After consulting the engineers, they told me the following reasons that may cause the error patiently:

1 the driver is not installed well

2 the device is not connected

3 the operation system is not supported with the software

4 SD card is not inserted well.

5 the card is not touched with the card holder.

With checking up, there was definitely something wrong with SD card. I repaired the card and did the following operation of writing maps fortunately.

I’m totally satisfied with my experience with Kess V2. I’m told this ECU Programmer still have other functions, like automatic correction of the checksum, read and write speed. I think I will try them later.