R270 programmer reviews

Here are good and bad results of working with R270 programmer.

Good results:

eeproms from bmw and opel ok

CAS4 wih 1L15Y from new bmw works ok

All kinds of 35080 eeproms worked so far…

Cas 2 (2K79X) and cas 3 (0L15Y) merceds esz (0L40K)

r270+ 9s12 no probs

working good with 1k79x Mercedes W211 CGW

working fine on eeprom 35080..read write reset…no problem, I’m using win 7 64 bit.

Read and write Cas3, Cas3 Plus, Eis. All work fine

one of my best tools to read and write hc908 processors.

perfect tool also for 35080 never disappointed me .

With 9S12 works very good, but some of VP, V6 eep it can’t erase incremental area.

I prefer R290 with more vehicle coverage, supports 2006 BMW and Porsche Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H)

Bad results:

r270 blue box did try on mb w203 ezs 3k91d and it erased eeprom on motorola chip.
this tool did read 35080 eeprom but never write or erase.
better go with r260 red box.

In my case about an EZS of a w2011 with 3k91d i try to read it ok and after change km on it, is not able to write correct and finally car not runs.I try to back up ori. file and nothing.Bad result in this case.I use r270 black plastic box…

I bought a r270 and i’m trying to read/write a 9s12dj64 but i have no luck.
It’s the blue plastic box r270

i have buy r270 black box.
it read blank data on 35080 and 35160. can not erase(more than 45 min )still not erase.
i do all solutions in forum without results

Just get cheep universal programmer like mini pro TL866 works good with regular 95080 and just buy new 95080 chip .. i have r270 also xprog its very bad when you need to do 95080 and cheep programer work’s better in this case.