(Solved) CarProg 10.05 Error: Can’t connect to remote server

Carprog full v10.05 displays the error “Can’t connect to remote server” when read & write i20 ECU and click on “find crash”.


Generally speaking, cheap Carprog clone cannot do a lot. It’s reasonable.

Carprog full clone does good in airbag reset only. If carprog ask you to connect remote server/internet, it indicates that carprog cannot do this function/car.

Please try it on other cars.

If it also to do so, you can try the following customer solution:

“can’t connect to remote server error” doesn’t mean: this cannot connect to the online server and does not work online.

I have the same problem and I try to fix it….some say that this can work with 8.21 version too.

Check and this thread for next update:

Good luck!