SKP-900 customer feedback – use tips

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Customer share:

1. Q: How I get more tokens?
A: SKP-900 is for free,no tokens now.If the device get the error: “CAN Be Used 0 Times Add It In Main Menu,Add Times Function” it is indicate you that the tokens have been used up, you just need to add new tokens and problem will be solve.

2. Q: This skp-900 can read pin code? 
A: yes, SKP-900 can read pin code for many vehicles.

3. Q: what year this skp-900 cover?
A: skp-900 can do both old and new cars. year after 2006 is better.

4. Q: skp-900 supports all car key lost?
A: skp-900 supports all car key lost of some cars

5. Q: SKP-900 can program TOYOTA G CHIP?
A: yes, SKP-900 can program TOYOTA G CHIP.

6. Q:Can it read my range rover key ?
A:if your key is after 2006,then it can read and copy.

7. Q: Can SKP900 program used smart keys?
A: Generally please use brand new keys, but if you can erase the chip of the used smart key completely, our SKP900 can be able to program it too.

8. Q:What’s problem of this error?
skp900 can be used 0 times error
A:You need add tokens now ,sir,pls contact us,we will help you.

9. Q:When I update,it get this error ?
A: You need connect with a stable power when you update.Please reupdate it.

10. Q:How to solve the no connection problem of SKP-900 ?
A:Please open your main unit,check this chips,maybe this chips pins is loose.

no connection problem of SKP-900

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