Solved! CAN Clip V183 cannot indentify on Win 7 32bit (64bit)



I have installed can clip v183 software on windows 7 32bit and 64bit, but the system cannot identify the device. The indicator light flashed normally on the can clip for Renault. I also installed the driver manually, but only one light flashed. What’s wrong? Solution:

If there’s only one indicator light flashing on your can clip v183 diagnostic interface, it indicated that you didn’t connect the device to your car well. Please connect again.

It’s normal when all 4 lights are flashing.

The red indicator light means “power on”.

The green light means “the signal is on”.

2 red lights and 2 green lights mean “the USB cable power supply & communication are normal, and the car EPC power supply & communication are normal”.

Customer feedback:

I connected can clip v183 to my car again, it worked, all the indicator lights flashed. I diagnosed my Renault car. Everything works great!


CAN Clip V183 for Renault Diagnostic Interface source:

Hope it helps you!