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Key Programmer for Beginners: Xhorse Key Tool Plus or Autel IM508?

Question: To pick a key programmer for beginners, Xhorse Key Tool Plus or Autel IM508? About IM508 (vs. IM608) In principle, IM508 is enough, [...]

How to Clone Mercedes ECM MED17.7.X FBS4 with Autel IM508/ 608?

Recently Autel add Mercedes FBS4 Cloning function to IM508/ IM508S/ IM608/ IM608 II Tablet. Here we are going to show you how to clone an MED17.7.3 FBS4 [...]

Autel IM508S/ IM608 II Add Password Reading for Hyundai, Isuzu, and Dodge

Check out the latest version on Autel IM508S/ IM608 II Tablet! It supports Password Reading for Models on Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, Dodge, and [...]

Autel IM508/ IM608 Add Mercedes FBS4 Engine Programming and Clone

Engine ECU Programming and Clone for Mercedes FBS4 Vehicles is added into Autel IM Tablet. New Function Available in: Autel IM508/ IM508S/ IM608/ [...]

Autel IM Tablet Support VW MQB48 NEC35XX Add Key

Now Autel IM Tablets support reading VW MQB NEC35XX dashboard chip with XP400PRO Programmer and new Autel APB130 Adapter. New APB130 Adapter allows IM [...]

Autel IM608PRO II & IM508S Support BMW F-Series AKL by OBD

Add Key/ All Key Lost for BMW F-Series with BDC module by OBDII now is added to Autel IM608PRO II and IM508S. No need to remove DMC [...]

VW JCI MQB Key Programming: Xhorse, Autel, Poldiag, Abrites, or CGDI?

It's hard to find a perfect solution to key programming for VW JCI instrument, so here we have collected four companies' solutions to handle this difficulty. [...]
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