Autel VCI V200

Can Autel Maxi VCI V200 Be Used as J2534 Pass-thru Device?

Quick Question: Just saw on a website that v1.38 is released so he updated it and used as J2534…So I am trying to update Autel VCI 200 (this red one) so I [...]

Autel KM100 VCI V200 Working with MaxiSys Tablets Reviews

One customer asked if MaxiVCI V200 can be used with my scanner? He has his Autel MS919 Scanner and has been using the big VCI that came with the [...]

How to Get DOIP and CAN FD Protocol with Autel IM608?

Question: How is everyone entering the new protocols (CAN FD and DOIP) on the Autel IM608/ MK908P? Answer: 1.Use VCI V200, and it adds DOIP and [...]
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