Autel KM100 VCI V200 Working with MaxiSys Tablets Reviews

One customer asked if MaxiVCI V200 can be used with my scanner? He has his Autel MS919 Scanner and has been using the big VCI that came with the unit.



This V200, the VCI of Aute KM100, could be Bluetooth connected to MS919 or other tablets.


Reviews of VCI200 working with Autel Tablets:

1)I bought this separately from my 909ev kit . I find it easier than bringing out the jbox every time. It will work you just need to pair it. I would check for updates too while you’re at it


2)It works with the 919. I use the same BT dongle from our Autel battery tester


3)That’s a great score! Yes it will work (unless it’s from a BT608, but there is no way to tell). I’d use it all the time instead of the VCMI (unless you need to use the scope function). That way your less likely to loose or damage your expensive VCMI!


4)I use mine daily


5)I have two of them. One from a its600 and another from the km100. I paired one to the its600 and my ms909. The other one I paired to the km100 and my IM608. The battery tester one has a letter at the end vci200x and thats how you can tell the difference between the two dongles


6)I bought one to use with my Autel Ultra. Seems slightly slower than the VCMI but it works great. I put a lanyard on it cause it’s easy to leave in the OBD ports


7)It works wired as well,

USB-C to USB and you can program and Code with it, I use it with my IM608 wireless 99% of the time


Good to know:

1)Once connected check for a firmware update, and do it if one is available

2)Attach a tether or lanyard to it so your not the next guy missing his dongle


3)Autel VCI200 supports the following models


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