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BMW ICOM Next WiFi Setup

About: BMW ICOM Next WiFi (WLAN) Suggestions and reference... here you go I have ICOM Next and I'm using with LAN connection, fast and reliable. Next [...]

Is it possible to code BMW G series with with E-sys or ICOM?

Topic: How to do BMW G Series Coding with BMW ICOM cable I’ve collect all useful tips of BMW G series coding on the web and make a write-up here. Hope it [...]

(Solved) BMW ICOM Next Led flashing red  

  Have one BMW ICOM Next and when I pluged OBD to socket, SYSTEM led started flashing red. I tried reflashing Firmware and cofigure user. Settings [...]

Which is the reset button for ICOM NEXT restore?  

  Very suitable method to restore BMW ICOM Next A... Here you go... Just open it and press reset button when 12v applied; don't need to use any other [...]