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Kess V3

How KESS3 Clone DCM6.2C Engine from Peugeot Boxer 2015?

In this article, we will show you how to clone DCM6.2C using Alientech KESS3. Vehicle: Peugeot Boxer [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.88 Add MG1UA008 MEG17.9.77 MG1US008

Alitentech KESS3 V1.88 upgrade is now available! Bosch MG1UA008/ MD1CS018/ EDC17C69/ MEG17.9.77/ ME17.9.21.1/ MG1US008/ MED17.8.21/ ME17.9.56 are [...]

Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, Autotuner: Which is Better?

In this article, we are going to compare 3 main ECU programming tools: Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, and Autotuner. Check out their pros and [...]

Alitentech KESS V3 Protocol Activation New Year Sale

Alitentech KESS V3 is a great affordable tuning tool for beginners. It allows users to activate various protocols by their needs for their KESS3. Now it's [...]

Autotuner vs. Kess V3, Which is Better?

For ECU Tuners, we got a lot of tuning tools to choose like Flex from Magic Motorsport, Kess V3 from Alientech... In this article, we are going to compare [...]

Kess V3 Read Write Hyundai EDC17C53 Diesel Bench or Boot?

One customer asked if new Alientech Kess V3 could do Hyundai ECU EDC17C53 diesel. And bench mode is available? or have to open it and read write via boot [...]

How Alientech Kess V3 Read Nissan Continental SID310 ECU?

Alientech KESS V3 incorporate Ktag with Kess. Now more ECUs are added into this new KESS V3, and you can select different protocols by vehicle types like cars, [...]

Alientech Kess V3 Protocol, Language, and Support List

Alientech Kess V3 is available! It allows users to Read/ Write ECU of Automobile, Motorcycle, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles, and Marine. K-TAG vs. [...]
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