Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, Autotuner: Which is Better?

In this article, we are going to compare 3 main ECU programming tools: Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, and Autotuner.

Check out their pros and cons.



Start from Flex.

The Magicmotorsport tool is separated into two, we have the interface to connect via OBD.


The main advantage is that for people who know virtual reading Flex can update vehicle to another version of software when they don’t find a virtual file.

And it is capable of reproducing it, that is, we can access the vehicle even if the server doesn’t have that virtual reading.

Regarding Flex, it has some special motor units.

All three are expensive tools. They all are with a case, everything, cables in it, but Flex in the brief cardboard box.



The great advantage of Kess is the coverage while Flex and Autotuner support new vehicles.

All 3 support new vehicles, but in terms of older vehicles of 10 to 12 years only Kess supports.


Another advantage of Kess is that it has a GPS accelerometer, etc. In the future, it may do a speed measurement, an acceleration measurement.

One of our main scheduled vehicles is John Deere, in 95% of the cases none of the other two tools would support.

Technical assistance is important. If clients has a problem, they have a solution.

There are protocols to use and ways to activate it.



The biggest problem is the limited vehicle coverage, but it does have many very new protocols that sometimes even come out first.


Complete! Do you think which is better?

Credit to ReproRACE Official