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R/W Delphi CRD3XX: FC200 or FoxFlash?

Purpose: Read/ write Delphi CRD3XX, what tools you would recommend. 1.CG FC200 New V1.1.0.0 software adds Delphi platforms and BOOT engine: [...]

How to Make KT200 Full Version Work Offline?

Question: Some said KT200 could support offline work, really and how? Answer: Yes, KT200 could work offline with KT200 Offline [...]

KT200 Read/ Write VW Golf7 Simos 18.1 Boot No Problem

This article is a review of KT200: Simos 18.1 VAG KT200 Yes! Don't forget the power supply 13,5v DC and it works perfect. Car: Vag Golf7 Performance [...]

How to Solve V2022.12.10 KT200 Not Showing Driver Info?

One customer gave feedback that the latest V12.10 KT200 software didn't show ECU info when he was selecting driver.   Here Cardiagtool tech [...]

How to Read PSA DCM6.2A Flash by KT200, OBD or Boot?

Question: KT200 can read ECU PSA DCM6.2A in bank? Or can only do it in OBD Answer: On Bench/ OBD on Bench/ Jtag BDM.   Method 1.On [...]

Solved! KT200 Read PSA EDC16C3 Fail ERROR SET2

One customer wondered why his KT200 Full License could not read PSA EDC16C3. Here Cardiagtool tech Answer: Remove the resistor, which [...]

KT200 Possible to Read SIM32 on Bench by OBD with Godiag Cable?

Question: Can KT200 Tool read on the table by obd with godiac cable calculator Sim32 Clio 3 1.2?   Answer: Test, if not work, do gateway/ [...]

KT200 Read Old EDC16C34 in BDM No Welding Success

This is a review of KT200 on old EDC16C34: Reading an old edc16c34 calculator in bdm with ktag bosch adapter to avoid welding. Eeprom/Flash reading [...]

KT200 Possible to Read Honda CRV 2010R EDC17CP16 Password on Bench?

Here is a review of KT200: Honda crv 2010r edc17cp16 bench read failed... is possible to read write on bench?   Make sure the ECU is CP16 and [...]

KT200 Software Installation Update Driver Fail Solution

To install KT200 Software, we need to install program and then install driver. (If you don't know how to install, please check Installation Guide [...]

KT200 Read Test EDC16C1 EDC17C58 EDC16C39 EDC17CP14

KT200 ECU Programmer is a master tool with OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG/BENCH mode. Here we will show you how it works on EDC16 EDC17 ECUs below: BMW EDC16C1 HONDA [...]

Free Download KT200 Software Installation and ECU TCU Gearbox List

KT200 ECU Programmer is a master tool with OBD/ BOOT/ BDM/ JTAG/ Bench mode.   Language: English/ Italian/ France/ Spanish/ German/ Polish/ [...]

KT200 ECU Programmer Master Version Comparison and ECU List

New KT200 ECU Programmer Master Tool, with checksum calculation, is equipped with Car OBD, Truck OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear [...]
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