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Launch X431 PAD VII Elite

How to Unlock Europe Software Package (SGW/ TSB) on X431 Tablet?

Launch X431 Tablet Users: X431 Europe Professional Software License Package is now available on Mall. Supported Tablets: Launch X431 PAD VII [...]

Launch X431 Tesla Function Compatibility, Activation and Support List

One customer asked if his PAD VII Elite with Tesla License activated would support model S 2021 and up. So, here we will share Launch X431 Tesla Function [...]

How to Connect Launch X431 Tablet to Tesla by Service Mode

To diagnose Tesla by service/ maintenance mode, we need to connect Launch X431 Tablet to car using X431 LAN Cable via LAN port. In this article, we will [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Launch X431 ADAS License

One customer asked where is the ADAS menu in his Launch X431 VII Elite. Have activated ADAS software from backstage but the tablet still asks for [...]

Launch X431 PAD V Elite vs. X431 PAD VII Elite

One customers asked about the difference between Launch X431 PAD V Elite and Launch X431 PAD VII Elite. Generally, PAD VII Elite has better firmware than [...]

Launch X431 PAD Series Online Programming Vehicle List

Quick Question: Does X431 PAD VII Elite supports online programming? What vehicles it supports, and if there is IP restriction on online programming [...]
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