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Lonsdor K518S

Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S No License and Subscription Fee

Now buy Lonsdor K518ISE/ K518S, No extra charges for Licenses and Update Subscriptions! For K518ISE/ K518S Registered since Nov. 10, 2023, all below are [...]

Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE Alfa Romeo Latest Update Notice

This update information is fully applicable to Lonsdor K518S/K518ISE key programmers. Alfa Romeo Latest Update deserves your [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information

We are so happy to share the latest upgrade news about Lonsdor K518ISE/K518S/Universal 8A Smart Key Latest Key Programming Upgrade Information, adding new [...]

How to use Lonsdor K518 for BMW CAS4 key programming?

  How to use Lonsdor K518 for BMW CAS4 CAS4+ key programming? Purpose: Generate ignition key: import D-FLASH/EEPROM data from CAS4/CAS4+ to [...]

Lonsdor K518S Latest Update Toyota/Lexus/Hyundai/Infiniti

Lonsdor K518s key programmer  latest update Toyota/Lexus/Hyundai/Infiniti vehicles on Dec.25,2019. here is the detail list: [...]

Lonsdor K518S add new keys to OPEL Corsa 2008

Lonsdor K518s is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith with powerful functions. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment etc. and can be used for [...]
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