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Lonsdor Toyota AKL License

Lonsdor ADP Adapter vs. FP-30 Cable for Toyota Key Programming

Lonsdor FP-30 Cable is released! It is designed for Toyota models 2022- with XX-BA system key programming. Is it the same as previous Lonsdor ADP Adapter? [...]

3 Ways to Program Toyota/ Lexus 8A-BA Type 2022 2023 Key

How to program Toyota 8A-BA smart key 2022 2023? 8A-BA type is a tough one to handle due to the 30-pin port of its smart box. In this article, we are going [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Program 8A-BA 2022 Toyota Sienna AKL Instruction

Toyota/Lexus 2022- 8A-BA models key programming without PIN code was added to Lonsdor K518 Series on Aug 2nd, 2023. *Toyota AKL License is [...]
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