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obdstar p003 adapter

OBDSTAR MP001 Programmer vs. P003/ P003+ Adapter

One customer wonders if he needs the P003+ Adapter and the MP001 Adapter or will the MP001 do the same things as the P003+. Here we will explain the [...]

OBDSTAR P003 Adapter Read Continental PCR2.1 Immo Data Guide

This article is a guide on how to read Continental PCR2.1 immo data through bench mode using P003 Adapter.   Equipment Overview: Diag cable [...]

OBDSTAR P003 Adapter Bench/Boot Modes Connecting Guide

OBDSTAR P003 AdapterĀ is designed for reading BOSCH ECU data, CS, Pincode etc., including Audi, Citroen, DS, Mahindra, Peugeot, Skoda, SEAT, Volkswagen [...]
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