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How to Refresh OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 Firmware?

Due to operating system switching, part of X200 PRO2 that prompts "Diag Abnormal exit! CODE:3" requires firmware refreshing before use. So, here is about [...]

OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 Oil Reset/ ABS Bleed/ Battery Match Guide

OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 not only reset oil/service light, but also supports other 11 special functions. It can be used for the most of car models on the market and [...]

OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 Update Guide

This post comes with the guide about how to update OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 oil reset tool. Connect X200 PRO2 with WiFi and supply the power In the X200 Pro2 [...]

OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 Manual

This article is available with the user manual of OBDSTAR X200 Pro2 oil reset tool.   What is OBDSTAR X200 Pro2? X200 Pro2 is a new professional [...]
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