Three ways to update Dolphin XP-005

How to update Xhorse Dolphin XP-005? Here are three methods to get the update package.

Method 1: Contact your distributor and ask for “Upgrade Kit”

Method 2: Send an email titled “Update tool” to

Method 3: Consult with online customer service on Xhorse App.

Steps to update both Dolphin XP005 database and firmware with update package:

Step 1: Connect the Dolphin with a computer through USB cable

Run “Upgrade Kit”

Click “Find Device”


Step 2: The connected device will be recognized and shown on left corner.


Step 3: If the device cannot be found, follow the tips on screen and click “YES” to install driver


Step 4: Select DOLPHIN 1 and install driver


Step 5: When the dolphin machine is found, click “Upgrade”


Step 6: It takes a few minutes to complete upgrading. Please make sure the USB cable is always well connected when upgrading.


Available link to purchase Condor Dolphin XP005: