VW CAN Filter Odometer Correction Instruction

For many new VW cars, we cannot read data from the dashboard via OBD port without VW CAN filter.



To use this 35XX CAN filter, dashboard must have LCD module.



Support List (Jetta, Santana, Rapid, Polo, Lavida):

Type 1

Jetta: 31G 920 850B, 31G 920 850D, 31G 920 850C, 31G 920 850E, 34D 920 850B, 31G 920 850G

Gran Santana: 34D 920

Santana: 34D 920 850B, 31G 920 850F

Rapid: 32D 920 850B, 31G 920 850H

Polo: 6RD 920 860J, 31G 920 850A (special design)

Polo: 6RD 920 860G

Polo: 6RD 920 860H, 34D 920 850A (special design)


Type 2

Santana: 34D 920 850A (special program)

Jetta: 31G 920 850A (special program)


Type 3

Lavida: 18D 920 860A,  18D 920 850A (special design, two types)


Type 4

Lavida: 18D 920 850A, 18D 920 850A (If special design, type3 is supported)


Type 5

New Lavida: 18D 920 870A


Type 6

870, 870B


Type 7

Rapid: 860, 6VD 920 700, 32D 920 860


How to Use?

Connect as wiring diagrams.



Then plug in power supply and test.

After dash displays, cables touch once, number will increase by 10.


Hold cables of both side, then cables touch once, number will increase by 100.


Hold cables of both side again, then cables touch once, number will increase by 1000.


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