Where to buy external super mb star ?

Super mb star c3 came out about 5 years,so many customer love this tool,from SUPER C3 T30 HDD out to external HDD,the super star series tool has updated every year.

You can buy newest super c3 or super mb external hdd from cardiagtool.co.uk to  get free update in one year online,The HDD is original with password card.



Package List:
1pc* obdii 16pin
1pc* usb cable
1pc* express to rs232 card
1pc* multiplexer
1pc* rs232 to rs485 cable
1pc* verification letter
1pc* 14pin cable
1pc* 38pin cable
1pc* driver for express
1pc* driver for pcmcia
1pc* pcmcia to rs232 card
1pc* usb key
1pc* 4pin cable
1pc* Top Hdd
Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.Email: sales02@cardiagtool.co.uk
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