Where to download 2017 Opcom 170823c EN 170823e DE?

Opcom 170823 download link:

OP-COM-Professional-170823e_DE-Installer.exe: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/QXC8PJ6PF5DA

Installation_Instructions.pdf (EN): http://www.share-online.biz/dl/Z0B8PJ6PD3Z

Installationsanweisungen.pdf (DE): http://www.share-online.biz/dl/0AB8PJ6P1I

OP-COM-Professional-170823c_EN-Installer.exe: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/MGW6PJ6PZXMY

Software will require Registration to use it. To do that with HQ Clone, you have to send Interface Serial (Yellow Sticker on Interface) and ID displayed on Software startup

Registration key: CANNOT BE GOT via cardiagtool.co.uK; it’s from cartechnology.co.uk (E-mail: diag@lauter-bg.com)

Opcom 170823c image:


170823 – is it original?

Not original version.
Its cracked version for HQ clone.
You need a HQ clone running opcom 150406b and/or vauxcom 160115a
Then you need an activation code based on your compurer HWID to make it working. You need a new activation code always you are installing it in a new computer.

Last updated EN version in the official site is 04-05-2015


What should you prepare to use these version?

If you need HQ clone software to use you need to patch the FTDI dump for 150406b and 160115a and an activation for each computer you install it for 170823c
If you want to use the original softwares ( from offici web sites ) you don’t need to do anything. You need a license for your interface.
Opcom HQ clone inner board can be:



Src: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/newest-opcom-op-com-can-obd2-for-opel-159-82676.html

Hq clone patch for your tool I think you can find someone that will sell you.
But only for Hq clone softwares up to 160115a.
For 170823c software for Hq clone you can get activation (if your tool is patched already for 160115a ) only from the developer.

170823c support new cars? What?

170823c – cover cars up to 2017 and some 2018 as Insignia B
150406b – cover cars up to 2015
The official opcom web site hasn’t upgrade any information regarding this.

Opcom 17082c works with china clone?

Yes the version shared here works with opcom HQ clone
The new 170823 versions for HQ clone needs an activation code/serial for each computer where you wanna install it

Just for your information
There is OP-COM Prof 170823e DE the only one that there is an official link in the web site.
There is OP-COM Prof 170823a and c HU and OP-COM Prof 170823c EN that are not officially released.
But that version is not a fake.
Just to understand me clear. Some versions are released in public
As an example is VAUX-COM Prof 160115a which is not publically relesed. You can get ut only if you have a vaux-com purchased from ilexa.co.uk
Another example for you is that OpCom Advanced versions which also haven’t public links and you recive the link to download onlt for your tool.
The opcom cracked version 170823c EN and the opcom 170823e DE need a HQ clone tool and you also need an activation code based on your comouter HWId. So you will need an activation for each computer if you like to use it.
If you have a HQ clone with a previos 150406b EN or DE or vauxcom 160115a you need to ask your supplier to activate this new verdions.
Sorry that I answared here to all of your questions but for the futhute is better to ask the seller in the PM.
Not always is good to share this all information in public as I did now to make all clear.
Good luck