Why happen: SVCI 2000 Tool Software “File Corrupted or Virus Infected”?

Finland customer recently posted a using problem about SVCI 2000 Programming Tool’s Software in cardiagtool.co.uk Facebook official public page. What is the problem exactly is and do other customers meet the similar problem? Lets go through the problem itself and try to figure out the solution.


“Hello, I have bought from you SVCI 2020, and I have problem with software…



And if I try to open Audi V38.0, it shows like this:


But it seems quite strange that Audi V18.0 works okay, and VVDI2 works okay too.

So what happened? How to solve?


Why did this problem occur? And the solution for it, check below:

I’ve got the answer for you. When runding the SVCI 2000 software, no matter what version you use, just shut down the anti-virus software in your computer. And the reason why your SVCI software reported errors is because the file of software you’ve installed is partly damaged, so you need to uninstall and then reinstall the relevant software to make it work normally.

Good luck for all you guys!


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