Xhorse VVDI PROG V4.8.5 Update (July 30th, 2019)

Here share the latest Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.8.5 update download link and update info.


VVDI Prog V4.8.5 Update on July 30th, 2019

1)Download link: https://mega.nz/#!qwZmzQaK!T9dzSV-FSPZkQinmKdv6iI0ieIHM1l0GlFwA2V8owUw

Password: 123456


2)Updated info:

1This version don’t need update firmware

2 Added VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL V4.8.5 in Doc folder

3 Added D70F4013, D70F4014, D70F4015, D70F4016, D70F4017,

D70F4018, D70F4019 options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-V850>

4Added KUKA-STAR-Q2 (2018) options in<5-DASHBOARD>-><FOTON>

5Added 408(FRONT-DOOR-MODULE) options in<8-OTHER>-><PEUGEOT>


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VVDI Prog V4.8.4 updated on June 28th, 2019