VXDIAG BENZ Star C6 Review: Works perfectly on Mercedes-Benz R300/ 221 ME9.7

VXDIAG for XENTRY diagnosis VCI also called Star C6, which is used for Benz C6 multiplexer to provide complete communication between a vehicle and the VXDIAG for XENTRY software loaded on a PC.

I bought VXDIAG BENZ Star C6 last month. It cost me €385.00 with free shipping.

Source: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/vxdiag-c6-benz-diagnostic-tool-plus-software-hdd.html

I used VXDIAG C6 to test on Mercedes 221 ME9.7 and R300

Here we go one by one.

Test 1: Mercedes 221 ME9.7 SCN coding online with Vxdiag Benz C6 DoIP


Go to XENTRY software


Determinate vehicle data automatically


Select “F2” to determine data

mercedes-221-me9.7-scn-coding-online-with-vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-3 mercedes-221-me9.7-scn-coding-online-with-vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-4 mercedes-221-me9.7-scn-coding-online-with-vxdiag-benz-c6-doip-5

Communication with control unit AAC is being established


Click “F3” to determine data


Select “ME 9.7-Motor electronics 9.7” -> “F3”


Communication with control unit ME 9.7 is being established


Select “Control unit adaptations”-> “Variant coding” to determine data

Select “SCN coding”-> “F3”


Loading the data record…

User data are checked

Click “F3” to login in XENTRY software with user name and password


Verification of access authorization to establish an Internet connection

SCN coding data are being requested from headquarters…

The coding is being carried out…


Follow the prompt to switch off ignition

Please wait 10s

Then switch on ignition

CONTROL Module reset, please wait…

Enter the repair order number and click “F2”

Note: The order report has not yet been printed out. Do you want to close the file without making a printout?

Click “YES” to continue


Writing log file

Test 2: VXDIAG Benz C6 Xentry test on Mercedes Benz W251 R300
Connect vxdiag c6 benz with vehicle and laptop

The indicator lights up

Indicating that the connection has been successfully connected

vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-1 vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-2
Open the XENTRY software

Choose your own model for diagnosis


Note: If the model series you are looking for is not listed here, switch directly to your replacement parts ordering system or the workshop information system. Other model series can then be selected there.

Click “F2” to determine the vehicle data


Select the quick test and click “F3” to confirm

The system will quickly test the vehicle control unit


Press “F4” switching to control units with fault codes and events


View car fault codes and delete them follow the prompt below

“Do you really wish to erase fault memory? If you delete fault codes, stored events will also be deleted.”


Check engine at cold start and in warming-up phase


Actual values


Full list of fault codes and events


Complete list of guide tests


Control unit adaptations, incl. variant coding, learning processes, correction programming and control module programming


Diagnose each module, i.e CGW- Central gateway diagnosis

vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-13 vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-14 vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-15 vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-16 vxdiag-benz-c6-xentry-test-on-mercedes-benz-w251-r300-17