Xtool A80 – You have to know

Tips and guides for Xtool A80 owners:


(1)Battery voltage range on the car: +9~+36VDC.

(2)When the test harness is unplugged, the application hand pinch the head of the front end of the wire harness to unplug, do not pull the middle segment of the wiring bundle, and the plug connection beam sees the direction of the corresponding interface flat plug, and does not tend to be inserted to avoid damaging the terminal.

(3)When carrying out some special functions tests, users are required to operate the device according to operating instructions. For some tests the vehicle has to meet certain requirements, for example: engine temperature 80℃/105℃, turn off loads (such as headlights, air-conditioner, etc.), put accelerator pedal in released position, etc.

(4)As the domestic models equipped with the electronic control system is messy, such as the failure to test or test data is not correct, consider the selected menu and the measured electronic control system is appropriate, you can find the vehicle ECU, through the ECU sticker model for menu selection.

(5)You may not have a software upgrade or consult with the company’s technical services when you do not find the vehicle or electronic control system in the A80 BT test menu.

(6)It is forbidden to use the wiring harness of the non-Xtool technology company to test the connection to avoid unnecessary loss.

(7)In A80 BT and vehicle communication, the direct shutdown is prohibited. You should cancel the task before returning to the main interface for shutdown.

(8)The use of A80 BT should be lightly handled, as far as possible to avoid vibration or impact. To ensure the service life of the touch-screen, touch the screen gently.

(9) During long period of non-use, please disconnect the power and then turn off the A80 BT unit.