Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Discuss: DPA5 and Nexiq USB Link, which one do you use? and why?

What is Nexiq USB Link?

Nexiq USB Link is manufactured by Nexiq, which is owned by Snap On. This really is by far the most widespread adapter, as they have an incredibly significant distribution network and brand name recognition. Beneath is our list of Pro’s and Con’s on this adapter: The DPA5 adapter is manufactured by DG Technologies, which was previously referred to as Dearborn Technologies. When a smaller sized organization, they do quite a bit of business straight with makers such as Case New Holland, Detroit, and more.

What is DPA5?

DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 undoubtedly professional gun for any repair of your economic car or truck or suv firms. Preserve in thoughts this allowing for everything incredibly significant practices, for instance search engines, diffusion, foot brake notify application, advantage, prevention, emissions, airplane pause, trailer residence and maintenance, to become in a position to in-depth perform with regard to the application

Are you using DPA5 or Nexiq USB Link?

Answer 1:

I personally like the DPA5, it is better than the DPA4+ in that it supports OBD-II protocols other than J1850VPW and CAN, it also has the long range bluetooth and comes with a bluetooth dongle for your PC.  It has a metal case, rubber shock caps, secure USB and long diagnostic cables unlike the 6″ Nexiq cables.  It is dual CAN, has a large buffer and I find it works well with any application I tested it on.

If you like the DPA4+, You will love the DPA5

If anyone is looking for old drivers, IC4 Serial, IC4 USB, Noregon, Dearborn, B&B, post the request here, I have a fair collection.

Answer 2:

Currently use DG DPA5 with good success, even with OBDII. Couldn’t hook into Isuzu 6WG1, but was still using 2.1.1. which I don’t think supported Isuzu. Also I know that the OEM program will only use USB Link. Will see how the update PFD connects today with DPA5.

Answer 3:

Having only ever used the Nexiq USB Link or Link 2, I can’t say I really prefer it so much as until fairly recently I didn’t even know there was so many other options as those two are almost the entirety of what I ever see.  Only after recently purchasing a Nexiq USB Link 2 did I begin to realize that so much else (aside from OEM ‘boxes’) was even available.

So far I’m still pleased with the Link 2, but had I done a bit more digging prior to buying it I certainly would have compared it to the DPA5 and might have gone that route just given what I’ve found out about them so far.

About the only complaints I have with the Link 2 so far are the increased price of the adapter cables vs the original (or even other current models) and that connecting via Bluetooth is quite the chore for some reason compared to other (in general) devices.  Given how long the USB cable is though, I’m not terribly concerned with the Bluetooth connectivity.

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