XTOOL OBD2 Products Software Upgrade Notice – September 2021

Xtool is a younger car tool brand when comparing with Autel, Xhorse, but it is increasingly become competent one in the OBD2 tool market. It has all kinds of easy-to-use, professional and cost-efficient car diagnostic scanners.

Currently of extreme competence key programmer tablet in OBD2 market are there tools like Xtool X100 PAD3Xtool A80 Pro, etc. They are great tools and have got high praise from the customers worldwide, especially in the European area.

Here below is the page link of XTOOL car professional products incardiagtool.co.uk UK store :https://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/wholesale/brand-xtool/




BENZ – BENZ                                                          V20.30

n Add the actuation test and special functions of some systems for the chassis 222, 213, 205, 167, 118

ü Add actuation test and special functions for

– Activated seat belt buckle, ambient lighting, MSS-multifunctional control unit, head and neck heating system (AIRSCARF), front signal acquisition and actuation control module, battery management system, left front door, engine electronic control system, automatic shock absorption system (ADS), all-wheel drive, “transmission system” control unit, camera cover, multi-function camera, selective catalytic reduction, gearbox control, shift module, electric parking Brakes, SG AWF-anti-collision assist system, tactile accelerator pedal module, fuel pump, SGR-radar sensor control unit, auxiliary heating system, parking heater radio remote control receiver, radar sensor, power electronics



ISUZU – ISUZU                                                              V8.60

ü Update Basic function to 2020

– Reading ECU version information

– Read fault code

– clear fault code

– read live data

ü Add auto scan



HYUNDAI – YUEDA KIA                                                        V13.1

n Add Yueda Kia programming function

ü Add programming for transmission, instrument panel, body control module, engines on Kia K2, K3, K5, Forte, Sportage, KX1, KX5




n ABS auto bleeding covers all old models of Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Daewoo, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn from 1997 to 2012

n Synchronous update headlight, suspension, seat calibration, windows initialization, tire upgrade, cylinder



FIAT – FIAT/ABAR/ALFA ROMEO/LANCIA/FIAT                                  V10.50

ü Update the basic functions of Fiat 2020-2021 models:

– ECU version information

– Code reading

– Code clearing

– Living data

– Actuation test



PEUCEOT – ALL THE MODELS                                                  V10.80

ü Add ECU version information and fault code functions for

– 308, 408, expert k0, 407, Ion, bipper, 4007, 508, 107, 308 (TX9), BOXER3 EURO5/6, 4008, 5008, 108, 301, 3008, PARTNER 2, 307 CAN, 807 CAN, BOXER 3, 206+, 607R, kp0, 208 (Ai91), expert 3, 207 CAN, BOXER3 MINIBUS, 208 (P21), 508L (R83)

ü Add ECU information and fault code functions for below models

– 508 (R8), 208 (P21), RIFTER (K9): PARTNER (K9), Partner 2 Iran-AMLAT



VW – ALL THE MODELS                                                      V12.30

ü Add ADAS function for H6 Pro





Dongfeng Aeolus – AX7 PRO/Yixuan/Yixuan GS/Yixuan MAX/E70(300/400/500)        V26.59

n Pincode free, support all key lost

ü Add key programming

ü Add ECU matching


Wuling/Baojun – 730/560/530/510/310…                                    V26.22/V26.57

n Pincode free

ü Optimize online pincode obtaining function



Ford (Brazil) – Ecosport                                                                      V26.18

ü Pincode free, support all key lost

ü Optimize key programming process for 2018+ Ecosport and now support to 2021 models



Mazda                                                                               V26.83

ü Add engine synchronization function for models with various dashboards



Jeep – Renegade (Brazil)                                                     V27.05

n Support pincode reading

ü Add pincode reading and key programming for mechanical keys





Mileage Adjustment – Borgward/Great Wall/Land Rover/Maserati                         V30.11

n Support multiple models

ü Add Dash Recovery for Borgward BX5 (35XX)/ BX6 (35XX) / BX7 (35XX)

ü Add Dash Recovery for Haval H8 Type1(Big screen)/H9 Type1(Big screen)/H9 Type2(Small screen/D70F3529)

ü Add Dash Recovery for 2014/2017 Range Rover Sport (full digital driver display)/2018 Range Rover Velar

ü Add Dash Recovery for Maserati GranTurismo


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