Xtuner E3 OBD2 scanner Wifi Diagnose Hyundai Elantra (HDC) 2012 100% OK

Got one Xtuner E3 OBD2 scanner Wifi and verified it working like a charm especially on the special functions e.g oil reset, such as Oil change, Idle speed learning, Idle speed Adjustment, Air bleeding, Level calibration, Throttle adaptations, Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, EPB Reset, DPF Reset, ECU Initial startup, ECU initialization, etc.

Personally speaking Xtuner E3 is value for my money, so I would like to share how to use Xtuner E3 to diagnose car e.g Hyundai Elantra(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC, Xtuner E3 runs on Android-based PAD win10 or WIN7 is ok, I connect to the WIFI without internet cable.

Tools to use:

  • Xtuner E3 OBD2 scanner Wifi, paid €125 free shipping from cardiagtool.co.uk, took 5 working days delivery. I prefer cardiag to others since the customer service Summer is helpful and friendly.
  • Android-based PAD win10 or PC with WIN7 64 bites with WIFI available

In the following procedure, I would like to display ESS Function includes:

Read and clear DTCs on Engine,

Read data stream

BCM active test, Wiper relay and Head Lamp relay


  1. After receive Xtuner E3, you should firstly download, install and active software. For the detailed procedure, click Xtuner E3 user manual:


  1. Get in the car, turn on the ignition, and insert Xtuner E3 into the OBDII diagnostic port.
  2. Power on Android-based PAD win10 or PC win7 64bit, connect PAD WIFI.
  3. Click “Xtuner E3.exe” and go to the function menu.


  1. Click the “Settings” to check Xtuner E3 basic version incl. system version, firmware version, link version and serial number.
  2. Back to the menu, click “Expert Service System”, then “Hyundai PRO v19.1”.


  1. Click “Diagnose”, then “Vehicle Manual Select” incl. Area, model, year and engine. E.g Hyundai Elantra(HDC) 2012 G 1.6 DOHC.

xtuner-e3-test-05 xtuner-e3-test-hyundai-03 xtuner-e3-test-hyundai-04

  1. Click “system selection”, PS: Xtuner E3 perform diagnosis on Engine, AT, ABS, airbag, BCM, IMMO and CODE. Click “Engine” to read and clear DTCs.


  1. Click the function “data list”.

xtuner-e3-test-08 xtuner-e3-test-hyundai-data-list-07

  1. Click “BCM”, then “active test” and then “Wiper relay”, then “Head Lamp relay”,



In conclusion:

The above post only shows one car model’s test report on DSS system. But I think you already have a great impression on Xtuner E3 wifi, don’t you think it is really easy to use?

Actually, Xtuner E3 wifi OBD2 scanner covers Diagnosis Service System (DSS), Expert Service System (ESS) and Maintenance Service System (MSS). It covers more than 70 car brands.

So if you have many car brands to diagnose especially the special functions, Xtuner E3 wifi OBD2 scanner is the best choice at cheap price and online update for free.