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Real Customer Test Report: Xtuner E3 Vs DS708 Vs VPecker

Thanks to an Xtuner E3 customer feedback on VPecker Vs DS708 Vs Xtuner E3 in the update and functionality. I looked at the VPecker and it looked to me like [...]

Xtuner E3 OBD2 scanner Wifi Diagnose Hyundai Elantra (HDC) 2012 100% OK

Got one Xtuner E3 OBD2 scanner Wifi and verified it working like a charm especially on the special functions e.g oil reset, such as Oil change, Idle speed [...]

XTUNER E3 WIFI Scanner Good at DSS+ESS+MSS+OBDII Diagnosis

XTUNER E3 Scanner is 2017 newly released Wireless full diagnostic tool. It has been tested working fine on DSS, ESS, MSS systemand OBDII diagnosis. XTUNER [...]
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