ACDP Mini Indicators and Beeps – What’s the meaning?

Look here: Learn Yanhua ACDP Mini from the light status and beeps

What does the light status mean? And what do beeps mean?


What’s the meaning of the indicator status (lights up and off)

To check the CAS test platform function if:

  1. CAS application runs well or not
  2. CAS data is useful or not
  3. The key has an inductive signal output or not
  4. The key is valid/legal or not

Indicator status and definition:

  1. Indicator D2 flashes: good communication between the CAN line and the CAS module
  2. Indicator D4 lights up for a while: the CAS data is effective
  3. Indicator D3 flashes after the key is put into the coil: the key has LF signal output
  4. Beeps: The working or new key learn success

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