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Yanhua ACDP

How to Use Yanhua ACDP Module 29 for Audi Gen5 BCM2 Immo?

Yanhua ACDP Module 29 is designed for decrypting Audi Gen5 BCM2 IMMO Module. Here we are going to show you how to use it. Support List: 1)Add/ [...]

How Mini ACDP Back up BMW DME MEVD17.2.9 No Soldering?

Mini ACDP with its multiple adapters are a professional and stable tool for BMW modules. In this article, we are going to show you how to back up a BMW DME [...]

Yanhua ACDP Module 27 for DME Clone and ISN Read/ Write

Yanhua ACDP Module 27 is designed for 1)Read/ Write ISN 2)DME Clone of BMW MSV80/ MSD8X/ MSV90 without dissembling module.   Support [...]

Yanhua Mini ACDP read Volvo XC60 KVM

Purpose: Check Yanhua Mini ACDP read Volvo XC60 KVM or not Preparation: Yanhua Mini ACDP sets Volvo IMMO key programming module (module [...]

Yanhua ACDP programs new keys to BMW CAS4+ (all keys lost) review

Here shares my experience how to use Yanhua Mini ACDP to do BMW CAS4+all keys lost programming. Hope it helps for Mini ACDP users! Test: Program new keys [...]

How to read/write BMW 35160WT using ACDP Mini!

Tested successfully! Yanhua ACDP mini is confirm to work perfectly with BMW 35160WT - able to read and write odometer. you should have an 35160WT [...]

ACDP Mini Indicators and Beeps – What’s the meaning?

Look here: Learn Yanhua ACDP Mini from the light status and beeps What does the light status mean? And what do beeps mean? What's the meaning of the [...]
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