Audi A4 2013 AKL Programming by Autel IM608PRO via OBD Guide

In this article, we’ll show you the process of AKL programming via OBD for Audi A4 2013.



Autel IM608PRO + XP400PRO


BCM2 Location (on the rear right)




Turn on Autel IM608PRO, select

IMMO>>Audi>>Expert Selection>>IMMO V>>A4/A5/Q5>>Read IMMO data

Read the instructions.


We lost all keys, so we turn on the headlamps and the hazard warning lamps, and depress the brake pedal.

Power off the BCM2, that is, unplug all cables on the BCM module.

Power on the BCM2, so we re-connect the BCM.

After that, we could click on “Read IMMO data”.

Then we have all info like VIN, CS code, power class…


Click on “Make dealer key”, and put the new key into the coil of XP400PRO programmer.

Dealer key generated successfully.


Click on “Key learning”.

Select 1 key to be learned.

Put the new key on the key coil or the sensing area to be learned.

Key learn completed.



Alright, that’s how we add a key for Audi A4 2013 when all key lost using Autel IM608PRO Programmer.



  1. Always turn on the hazard warning lamps when doing AKL programming to wake up the vehicle
  2. Do it on bench if it’s not able to do via OBD

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