Audi A6 5th immo All Keys Lost: Possible with VVDI2?

Just for fun.


vvdi2 5th immo a6,q7,allroad all keys lost


I decided to try on 2012 audi a6 with full prox no slot. I read bcm2 data and elv data and successfully programmed dealer key, car lights up and remote functions but I am having trouble getting the CAN read to work….


Btw. This car was auction car not regular customer, was the right situation to experiment. I would not normally do this


Good tip i got to share:

You need to read ecu on the bench, best to read by bdm. After is going to work to calculate authorisation start. You may need to renew the key or use another one.


Procedure if Me17 or EDC17, read ELV, read BCM, read ECU, if gearbox is CVT read TCU (no need to read ECU). Program FIRST key to bcm to have ignition on, give ecu/tau data to calculate authorisation start. Program OTHER key (or first but renewed, at least to me never worked to use same key).


Abrites can do it but 50% chance, 5 hours required to calculate really annoying


Best solution is VVDI2


you don’t need all the time to wait 24h, use the pin to login on diagnostic 01 Engine, just login and close, BTW, Use ABS connector on engine bay to get CAN comm.



On a side note, 5th immo with full keyless for a6, a8 etc is different then regular bcm2. After these steps it needs to do a can sniff and online calculation to get synchronization file.