Autel Tablet Update: Auto Auth Function for NA FCA SGW Vehicles

Autel Diagnostic Systems are added “Auto Auth” function now! This function allows us to have access to security gateway module on 2018 and newer FCA vehicles in North America.

We’ll cover:

Part 1. Support Tablets

Part 2. Support Vehicles

Part 3. How to Use Auto Auth?


Part 1. Support Tablets

Range Model Version
808 Ranges MK808 V9.50
MK808BT V9.50
MK808TS V9.50
DS808 V9.50
MP808 V9.50
MP808BT V9.50
MP808TS V9.50
906 Ranges MS906 V9.50
MS906S V9.50
MS906BT V9.50
MK906BT V9.50
MS906PRO V4.40
MK906PRO V4.40
MS906TS V9.50
MK906PRO-TS V4.40
908 Ranges MK908 V9.50
MS908SPRO V9.50
MK908PRO V9.50
MK908PRO II V4.40
MK908 II V4.40
MS908SPRO II V4.40
Elite II V4.40
Ultra Ranges Ultra V4.40
Ultra lite V4.40


Part 2. Support Vehicles

  • Chrysler, JEEP, Dodge, Fiat(only North America, EU FCA SGW is not included)

Maserati is still under development


Part 3. How to Use Auto Auth?

Simple procedure: Register an account in Auto Auth>>Buy Authentication>>Add Autel Tablet’s Serial Number





Video Reference:


How to add Autel Tablet in Auto Auth on website?



Alright, that’s new Auto Auth function of Autel Diagnostic Tool.

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