Benz ECU renew cable procedure for ME9.7, ISM and 722.9 ETC board 

Got one Benz ECU renew cable to connect with VVDI MB tool, then tested it ok to renew ME9.7 MB, ISM in w164 and w221 and used 722.9 ETC board (7-gearbox module) version VGS_73 or like as “3”.

Here you can see how Benz ECU renew cable connect with VVDI MB tool.

  Benz ECU Test Adaptor connect to vvdi mb tool  

  1. What is Benz ecu renew procedure step by step? ME9.7

– connect to VVDI with adapter and power through OBD

– read data

– get erase pass

– save data(backup)

– renew – success

Now you can initial startup in DAS/Xentry, have there 2 possibility…with data from old ECU or without…  then online

FOR get erase pass ONLINE WITH DEVICE VVDI MB , After reading data ECU (with vvdi mb)

pin connection for ME9.7 MB

ME9.7 pinout

Finally, ECU renewed, and put into car made adaptation works good. Car starts.

  1. Benz ECU renew cable can renew (used) ISM in w164 and w221, when is the ISM unit in 100% condition and not broken.
  1. Successfully renewed 10 pcs of used 722.9 ETC board (7-gearbox module) version VGS_73 or like as “3” with VVDI MB tool

and ONE pcs today assigned to the car using MB-SCN online access.


20160816_162218 – kopie