How to diagnose Megane II and TWINGO PHASE 2 by Can Clip v162?

This post provides CAN CLIP v162 free download link, setup instruction, the procedure to diagnose Megane II & TWINGO PHASE 2 fault codes.

Clip v162 new features:

Fitted in new vehicle: XBB

clip-v162-003 clip-v162-info-004 clip-v162-info-002 clip-v162-info-001

Clip v162 software free download:!rVFwAQwZ!EEHQuLMV08jPwydGpz8scw

Compatible CAN CLIP interface:

  1. Item No. SP19-C with AN2131QC chip, available at

  1. Item No. SP19-Bavailable at:

Can clip V162 Setup Procedure:  

Operation System: XP and WIN7

Part 1: Activation

Copy “Activation (Patch V3)” to the desktop then open it and right click the green icon ” Crack Reanult Clip” and select Merge, click “Yes” and “OK”


Part 2: Finish First installation.

Open “Setup”


Click on “First Installation” and tick on “I accept the terms of the license agreement”.

Choose language, Clip V162 is multi-language available

Click Next to install the windows Resource Kit Tools.


Agree “End-user License Agreement”

Click Next

Click “Install Now”

Complete the windows Resource Kit Setup Wizard, click “Finish”.

Get message “The platform will restart automatically”, restart your computer.

Extracting the files automatically.

Again, you should restart your computer.

First installation Complete.


Go to the desktop and righ click the icon “Clip” and select “Properties”, click on “Find Target” and click “Ok”, then find out “RSRWin” to cut it and paste it onto the desktop.


Meanwhile, open the folder “Activation (Patch V3)”, copy “RSRWin” to the C:\Clip_x91\Lib\Application.


Open the “RSRWin”, tick on “I understand and accept the license contract above, and click “Register me now”

Enter the unlocking code


Registration successfully


Now cut the “RSRWin” on the desktop to replace the one in the C:\Clip_x91\Lib\Application.


Close C:\Clip_x91\Lib\Application.

Part 3: Install driver

Connect Can Clip interface to the computer, get window message “Found New Hardware Wizard”, it will automatically install driver.

Click “My Computer”, then “Computer Management”, then “Device Manager”, find out “1B-Alliance Vehicle Communication Interface”, it means the communication is established.


Set Turn off monitor and turn off hard disk for “Never”


Part 4: Diagnose Renault Megane II with Clip V162

Open “Clip” on the desktop to read clip V162 info.

Choose Renault information including:


Vehicle type: Megane II

after-sale type: BMOU

engine type: F4R

gearbox type: DPO

RO: 43243

Click on “Computer Test”


Choose Instrument Panel


Choose “Injection” and click “Diagnose”


Read out computer faults


Part 5: Diagnose Renault TWINGO PHASE 2 with Clip V162

Automatically identify VIM and manually choose the following info:

Vehicle type: TWINGO PHASE 2

after-sale type: C061

engine type: D4F

gearbox type: JH1

RO: 34223

Click on “Computer Test”


Go on read fault code and erase.