CG100X Volkswagen MQB48 Function Notice

Here are CGDI CG100X VW MQB48 Function Notices.

Please read them carefully before operations.


About Support List:

The dashboard number and chip inside, The 5A and 5C of car type and year.


About CG100X read out MQB data:

It only can be used for mileage repair, and cannot be used to add key.


About D1 adapter.

If you want to do MQB dashboard, you need to get the D1 adapter.

1.The MQB dashboard is encrypted, The D1 adapter can decrypt the chip.

2.Most of the MQB dashboard need to use D1 adapter. Some models can cut the wire or lift the pins, so there is no need to use the D1 adapter

3.Do not extend the wire harness of the D1 adapter.


About 5A and 5C for CG100X:

Find the chip on board, if it mark EM, then it is 5A. If it mark with PCJ, then it is 5C.

5C no need to try, it cannot support.

1.It may possible to damage your board even if you only connect the wiring.

2.And even if you read out the 5C data, but the data is incorrect, it cannot be use to mileage repair or do other operation.

So Direct to let it go when you meet 5C dashboard.


About Odometer Correction:

1.If the difference between the mileage displayed by CG100X and the actual mileage of the car exceeds 100KM, please directly send the data to our tech support for repair.

CGDI CG100X VW Tiguan 2019 5A R7F701407 Odometer Correction


2.This data does not currently support automatic calculation, please contact tech support. As the picture shows.



1.Please carefully compare the year and number of the dashboard. If there are any different, please contact the tech support.

2.After removing the dashboard module, compare the wiring diagram. If the solder joints are the same then you can direct to operate. The components one more or one less, it will not affect the modify. You can still do it. Contact the tech support if you are not sure.

3.After confirming that the wiring is correct, read the original data and save it, and the device will automatically analyze the mileage and modify it.

4.After the modification is completed, there is no need to click write, just unplug the wiring and put the dashboard to original status, then put it back to the vehicle, it will be ok.


For example:
If there are no resistors, capacitors, or some small chips, it is OK. As long as the solder joints are the same, they can be used for direct wiring.


About dashboard black:

You need to send your original data to tech support if the dashboard is black..
You cannot direct to write the original data into dashboard, you cannot write succeed or it will tip you write fail. The data must to process  first then you can write it succeed.


Done! Hope this could help!