CGDI Prog MB Test Report: Good for Mercedes-Benz GLK300 2011, C260 2013, AMG G63

CGDI Prog MB is the fastest Mercedes Benz key programming tool to calculate the password at present, support fastest Benz car key add and MB all key lost including 211,209,204,207,212,166,246,197,172,164 +, 216. Here have collected test reports on GLK300 (W207), C260 (W204) and AMG G63.


To check if CGDI Prog MB Mercedes-Benz key programmer can add new key or not


CGDI Prog MB add new key to 2011 Mercedes-Benz GLK300 (W207)

cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2011-mercedes-benz-glk300-1 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2011-mercedes-benz-glk300-2 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2011-mercedes-benz-glk300-3 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2011-mercedes-benz-glk300-4 cgdi-prog-mb-add-new-key-to-2011-mercedes-benz-glk300-5

CGDI Prog MB program new key to 2013 Benz C260 (W204)

cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-1 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-2 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-3 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-4 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-5 cgdi-prog-mb-program-new-key-to-2013-benz-c260-6

CGDI Prog MB write Mercedes- AMG G63 smart key

cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-1 cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-2 cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-3 cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-4 cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-5 cgdi-prog-mb-write-mercedes-amg-g63-smart-key-6



Step 1: Calculate password of original Benz car key by CGDI Prog MB

Step 2: Save EIS Data when calculate password is completed

Step 3: Generate Key File with the EIS data saved

Step 4: Plug the new key into CGDI MB device to read and write

Result: All success!

CGDI MB Benz key programmer can add new key to Mercedes-Benz GLK300 2011/ C260 2013/ AMG G63.