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CGDI MB Newly update to V2.9.4.0

CGDI MB Latest Update: CG-MB BenzMonster V2.9.4.0  (2020.01.17) 1. Add the function of displaying and writing the key flag byte. 2. Add 2035450308 [...]

CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator for W166

CGDI MB Benz EIS ELV Testing Platform Instrument Emulator is a professional car key programmer for Benz. Here share EIS models list and the guide to use it [...]

CGDI Prog MB Repair Benz W204/207/212 ELV with simulator no issues

There are three situations will appear when ELV is damage: -ELV is not unlocked -The dashboard doesn’t light up -The car cannot start, but can [...]

CGDI MB program new keys by erasing Mercedes-Benz EIS

Are you searching for the method to add new key by CGDI MB key programmer when all the key positions are used? Here will share the solution through erasing [...]

CGDI MB Update To V2.9.1: Calculates the password faster

CGDI MB Key Programmer Latest update to Version 2.9.1. Here is the update details: The Mercedes monster calculates the password in only 24 seconds. 50% of [...]

CGDI Prog MB Test Report: Good for Mercedes-Benz GLK300 2011, C260 2013, AMG G63

CGDI Prog MB is the fastest Mercedes Benz key programming tool to calculate the password at present, support fastest Benz car key add and MB all key lost [...]

CGDI PROG MB Write Mercedes- AMG G63 smart key: Done!

CGDI Prog MB Benz key programmer test report on Mercedes- AMG G63 (24-07-2019)   Prepare: Two car keys: original key & BE key The key [...]

CGDI MB CG Key for All Benz FBS3 IMMO: Only 14.99 Euro!

Recently, Cardiagtool has released a new product-CGDI MB CG key, which is designed for all the Mercedes-Benz FBS3 IMMO. What about this new CG key? How to buy [...]

CGDI prog MB program Benz GL450 smart key

This article is to share my experience with using CGDI prog MB to program new key to Benz GL450. Here you go! Firstly, I connect cgdi mb to my GL450 [...]

CGDI MB update to V2.8.5.0: Add W215/ W220EIS all keys lost

This article is to share the latest CGDI MB Benz V2.8.5.0 update info and download link. CGDI MB V2.8.5.0 (Updated on 6th July, 2019) Free download [...]

CGDI MB Benz Monster Update to V2.8.4.0

CGDI MB Benz Monster update to V2.8.4.0  on May.10,2019: 1. Added device status check function before collecting data. 2. Added the all loss collection [...]

CG-MB Benz Monster V2.8.1.0 Update

CG-MB Benz Monster V2.8.1.0 New update: 1. Added K-line all lost collection support EIS Model 202/208/210, 203/463/639 2. Optimize the Keyless repeatedly [...]

How to extend CGDI MB activation service

The confusion of CGDI MB activation (first-time activation & extension) will be SOLVED after you finish your reading here. CGDI-MB activation for the [...]

CGDI MB writes original NEC key V51 through a NEC adapter: Done!

CGDI MB key version 51 test report: (31-07-2017) Step 1: read the key read key data with infrared interface: infrared key basic [...]

What is best NEC key programming tool for Mercedes?

Every programmer that can program keys by IR will work on chinese keys(only write once). (ak500, noimmo, mercedes intrument, nec pro 57, diagspeed, [...]

CGDI BMW/MB, CG PRO – Things you HAVE TO know

Here are things (questions and answers) for uses with or looking for cgdi bmw/mb key programmer, cg pro programming tool. What’s the relationship of cgdi [...]

How to use CGDI BMW for F series coding

FYI, CGDI Prog BMW released new functions for BMW F series coding and EGS ISN authorized for FREE if you have any of devices like CGDI MB, CG100 full [...]

CGDI MB Download Free

NEW! Free download CGDI Prog MB software to update! https://www.dropbox.com/s/mk3fhsls2i0s4ks/BenzMonster_2.3.0.0_Setup.exe?dl=0   CGDI [...]
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