CGDI Prog MB Repair Benz W204/207/212 ELV with simulator no issues

There are three situations will appear when ELV is damage:

-ELV is not unlocked

-The dashboard doesn’t light up

-The car cannot start, but can remote

It’s difficult to dismantle the original ELV from car, and CGDI simulator ELV can replace it to works with CGDI Prog MB to check and repair ELV. Here share the step-by-step guide to CGDI owners.


How to check whether ELV is damage or not?

Open CGDI MB software

Select “ELV”-> “Check ELV”

If the system prompts the ELV is damage, it indicates that the ELV need to be repaired deeply


How to repair ELV by CGDI MB Mercedes-Benz key programmer?

You need:

CGDI Prog MB key programmer

CGDI ELV Simulator (for Benz W204, W 207, W 212)

PC and original car key



Select “EIS”-> “OBD read EIS Data” to show the current status


Click on “Compute Password”-> “Copy key with key” -> “Collect data”

Choose “Other keys” as default, click on “OK”


Insert the original key into EIS

cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-4 cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-5

Take out the key and plug into CGDI MB device

cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-6 cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-7

Then follow the prompts to insert the original key into EIS or CGDI MB coil until data collected

Note: It will take about 3 minutes to collect password data

Save the data collected


Save data successfully


Then upload the data to calculate

cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-10 cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-11

Click on “Query Result” to show the password has been calculated


Copy the key password and paste it to the EIS


Save the EIS data (Please save it into the default folder name)


Select “ELV”-> “Simulator” to ELV simulator main menu


Connect the clip on the yellow line of the OBD line to the K-line on the direction lock plug. (The most fine line in the direction lock connection is the K-line)

cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-16 cgdi-mb-repair-benz-w204-207-212-elv-17

Read out the simulator password


(Untagged indicated the simulator is new)

Click on “Load EIS Data”

Open the file with password


The key password shows success

Then click on “Write simulator”

Write data into simulator successfully


Finally, insert the key into EIS and turn the ignition switch on to activate



CGDI Prog MB with Full Adapters for ELV Repair:

CGDI ELV Simulator:

That’s all, hope it helps you!