Free Download Ford VCMII IDS Patch to Solve license Activation Error

Customer Problem: When i have installed VCM2 IDS V86 software for my VCMII diagnostic tool, it prompted me to activate license, here are some pictures, please help me to solve it.

ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-1 ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-2 ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-3 ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-4 ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-5 engineer replied:

You have installed VCMII FORD IDS software, but forgot to install IDS patch.

Here is the related Ford VCMII IDS Patch link:

Password: j75sp7

Please put the patch in this position.

ford-vcmii-ids-license-activation-error- solution-6

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